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Training can provide employees with the knowledge and skills to perform more effectively. Training is the part of integrating in which performance is against criteria. Training is the process of change the behavior, giving Knowledge, skills & ability to a person. Training helps employees do their current job, the training benefits of training may extend throughout a person’s career and help develop that person for future responsibilities. The proper employee training and education at the right time provides big payoffs for the employer in increased productivity, knowledge, loyalty, and contribution. There are some basic objectives of training like; improves job knowledge and the skill at all level of the organization, gets proper guideline for work, increase job satisfaction and regeneration.

The importance of training is very high, because of proper training organizations get more effective decision making and problem-solving, develops employee’s sense of responsibility, training reduce outside consulting cost by utilizing component internal consulting. Forgiving training the first work an organization needs to do is an assessment of training needs. Need assessment diagnoses the current problem and future challenges to be meeting through training.

The individual employees need may be determined by the HR department, by the supervisor or by self-nomination. The HR department’s different approaches to need assessment, It may survey potential trainees to identify specific topics about which they want to learn more. After determining the training needs and its objective the perfect training methods and techniques need to be selected. There are some methods like job instruction training, coaching, programme learning, job rotation, case study, demonstrations and many more. A perfect method can give the perfect training to the candidate and which may result in a better output. There are a lot of benefits of training like enhance the morality, lower the turnover rate, provide recognition and many more. Employee training plays a vital role in improving performance as well as increasing productivity.

since employee performance influences general organizational performance. In relation to the above, note that employee competencies change through effective training programs. It therefore not only improves the overall performance of the employees to effectively perform their current jobs but also enhances the knowledge, skills an attitude of the workers necessary for the future job, thus contributing to superior organizational performance. Training has been proved to generate performance improvement related benefits for the employee as well as for the organization by positively influencing employee performance through the development of employee knowledge. Most of the benefits derived from training are easily attained when training is planned. This means that the organization, trainers, and trainees are prepared for the training well in advance.

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